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What is the #1 complaint we hear from estate representatives about the probate process? Answer: Lack of communication or understanding of where they are in the process.

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Free Review Of Your Transaction

The trustee of the trust is incapacitated, but gave power of attorney to a relative...there is also a conservator for him/her...which will you allow to be the seller of the property?

The Decedent died and left a will. Now a relative has produced a trust. Do we have to probate the property?

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Free Lien Check

You listed the property, you have done excellent marketing for it, you have found a suitable buyer, you consummated the contract, the escrow period is almost over....finally, you find out that there are liens that will delay your closing. How did this happen?

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24-Hour Legal Document Review

Myth: "We have provided the court orders and we have been waiting for 3 weeks to hear back from the title company what else will be needed."

Truth: You documents are sitting under a pile somewhere and no one is reviewing the scenario!

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As a probate specialist, I have helped hundreds if not thousands of individuals close their probate or trust transactions. For more information on how I can assist you and help you close more transactions, fill out the form at the top right of the page for your no obligation consultation. Work with me once and you will see the difference...I guarantee it!